“5 Checks for Safe Food Delivery” From the NEHA Food Safety Program Committee

In response to the rise in demand for dine-at-home service from retail food establishments, NEHA’s Food Safety Program Committee has developed a new infographic to help build capacity and further enhance food safety training offered by third-party delivery services titled “5 Checks for Safe Food Delivery”. Increased demand placed on third-party delivery companies to supplement delivery service offered through food establishments’ own facilities has revealed a shortage of information and education aimed to address the specific food safety concerns and principals associated with food and food packaging handling during delivery service.

As the prominence of third-party delivery services continues to rise, so does the importance of ensuring delivery drivers handle food safely from establishment to consumer. This document, “5 Checks for Safe Food Delivery”, has been designed to provide best practice recommendations for safe food delivery to delivery persons working with third-party delivery services.

Please visit the 5 Checks for Safe Food Delivery website to access the full-size infographic and see the various ways that it can be used.