FDA Public Meeting on Leveraging Data and Technology for Smarter Food Safety

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will convene a virtual public meeting on April 24, 2024, to explore how data and technology can be utilized to enhance food safety practices and improve public health outcomes. The one-day event, titled Data and Technology in the New Era of Smarter Food Safety, will be held from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm ET.

There is no cost to attend the virtual public meeting, but registration is required. Full details including registration information are available on the FDA meeting website.

This meeting will be broken into two sessions. The morning session will feature presentations from the FDA outlining potential innovative data and tech activities that could advance food safety for both regulators and industry. The afternoon session will be reserved for public comments to provide an opportunity for participants to share feedback on how and where advances in data and technology can be leveraged to accelerate FDA’s ability to improve public health outcomes. 

In addition, on April 24, 2024, a Regulations.gov docket will open for 60 days to collect comments related to this event.


The New Era of Smarter Food Safety initiative was launched in 2019 to signal a new approach to food safety, leveraging technology and other tools and approaches to create a safer and more digital, traceable food system.  

FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food Safety Blueprint, published in 2020, has been the guiding outline for all work that has been accomplished to date. In the Blueprint, FDA acknowledges that activities to advance the New Era of Smarter Food Safety will evolve as technologies and the food system evolve. Under the leadership of the Deputy Commissioner for Human Foods, FDA is looking to focus on those activities that can best leverage data and technology to exponentially advance food safety and achieve better public health outcomes. 


Apr 24 2024


10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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