Healthy People 2030 Norovirus Workgroup Looking for Members

The Healthy People 2030 Norovirus Workgroup is looking for volunteers to help reduce the number of norovirus outbreaks by forwarding their national goals:

  • Increase compliance with behaviors and practices related to proper handwashing, employee health, and no bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat food;
  • Identify and apply evidence-based strategies to implement Food Safety Culture (emphasizing employee health);
  • Identify and apply achievable, effective tools to aid in the fight against norovirus spread.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to advance innovative strategies to prevent norovirus outbreaks, work collectively with invested parties on a national scale, and advance their skill set through professional development.

This working group is focused on HP2030 Developmental Objective: FS-D06: Reduce the number of norovirus outbreaks. Developmental objectives offer an opportunity to explore high-priority areas without reliable baseline data, but with established evidence-based interventions. This workgroup will use this developmental objective as a framework to control and prevent norovirus outbreaks in retail food environments.

This working group was formed by the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO) HP2030 Steering Committee.

Instructions for application as well as more information about the available roles and duties can be found in AFDO’s handout linked below. The application period ends Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

Questions about the workgroup should be sent to Beth Wittry at