Interactive Food Code Adoption Map Released

The Retail Food Safety Regulatory Association Collaborative (Collaborative) is pleased to announce the release of our interactive Food Code Adoption Map. The map provides an easy-to-navigate, visual record of statutory adoption of the FDA Food Code at the state level as of January 2021. The map contains data for all 50 states and includes Washington D.C.

The development of this map supports the Collaborative’s first specific objective: increasing the number of state, local, tribal and territorial (SLTT) regulating bodies that have adopted the two most recent versions of the FDA Food Code. Research to develop this map was completed by the National Environmental Health Association and utilized source data from the Westlaw database.

The map is a tool for educating decision-makers about the opportunity to use the most current, science-based standards to promote public health in the communities they serve.

The Food Code Adoption Map is available on the Collaborative’s website.