New Retail Food Safety Guidance Documents Available

New guidance on a wide variety of retail food protection topics is available for free download on the Conference for Food Protection’s website. The recently released guidance documents, approved during the CFP’s 2023 Biennial Meeting, provide up-to-date information for retail food industry and regulatory professionals. Developed by committee members representing academia, local, state, and federal regulatory agencies, and the food industry, these documents aim to enhance food safety best practices in a variety of areas, including:

  • The Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards – Standard 8
  • Meat Grinding
  • Employee Orientation to Food Defense visual
  • Providing Consumer Purchase Information for a Foodborne Illness Investigation
  • Digital Food Safety Management Systems
  • Retail Sushi HACCP Standardization
  • Reuse of Containers
  • Use of Sanitizers and Disinfectants in Food Establishment
  • Major Food Allergen Framework and Summary

Additionally, the Retail Industry Best Practices and Regulatory Guidance Toolkit for Shellstock Investigations has been released. This toolkit contains resources for retail food establishments and regulatory professionals working to improve food safety practices related to shellstock.  The toolkit includes guidance on:

  • Keeping, recording, and filing shellstock tags (available in English and Spanish)
  • Reading shellstock tags
  • Basic information about molluscan shellfish
  • FDA Food Code requirements for shellstock and shucked shellfish
  • Collecting and determining where to focus during field investigations

These documents, along with guidance approved during previous meetings, are accessible for free download on CFP’s website.