Self-Guided Online SAVA Courses Self-Assessment and Verification Audit Series

The online Self-Assessment and Verification Audit Series provides detailed information about the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards, including how-to instruction for enrollment and advancement in conformance. This series of 10 self-guided courses is designed for program managers and others directly responsible for conducting program self-assessments or verification audits.

2023-09-28T20:07:56-04:00June 15, 2023|

Decoding the Food Code

A free, online training module developed to help stakeholders, including all levels of government and industry, understand the foundational policy principles of the Food Code including its structure, nomenclature, and conventions.

2023-05-05T21:44:29-04:00December 29, 2022|

Environmental Assessment Training Series (EATS)

The Environmental Assessment Training Series is a free, online training that will teach participants to identify an outbreak’s environmental causes, recommend appropriate control measures, and practice conducting virtual environmental assessments.

2023-05-03T18:06:13-04:00January 28, 2021|

Integrated Food Safety Centers of Excellence

The Integrated Food Safety Centers of Excellent act as peer resource centers, assisting state and local health departments one-on-one basis, by providing training that supports state and local health departments’ capacity to track and investigate enteric diseases.

2023-05-03T18:02:36-04:00January 28, 2021|
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