Resources for Building an Active Managerial Control Incentive Program Now Available

The Retail Food Safety Regulatory Association Collaborative (Collaborative) along with our regulatory partners at Arizona’s Maricopa County, Colorado’s Boulder County, and Virginia’s Fairfax County, have created a new resource highlighting some of the best tools and resources for creating and maintaining an Active Managerial Control (AMC) Incentive Program. AMC Incentive Programs are one way for state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) health departments to support and encourage retail food establishments to integrate AMC into their food safety protocols.

These programs incentivize awards and recognition to encourage the adoption of AMC and often provide supplemental resources, such as classes, training materials, and self-assessments to help establishments meet the standards or criteria set forth in the program.

This collection of resources is intended to be a stepping stone and provide SLTT health departments interested in developing their own AMC Incentive programs with examples they can use to bolster or to base their own materials on. Highlighted in this resource are tools to help establishments achieve AMC such as AMC Self-Assessments and Toolboxes as well as tools to establish an AMC Incentive Program such as the forms used to enroll establishments in such a program and program guidelines.

Visit the AMC Incentive Programs webpage to learn more.