Active Managerial Control Incentive Programs: Examples from Jurisdictions Leading the Way

This page contains resources developed by health departments for their Active Managerial Control incentive programs for use by others interested in developing programs in their jurisdictions.


Active Managerial Control (AMC) is the purposeful incorporation of specific actions and procedures into the daily operations of a retail foodservice establishment to help control foodborne illness risk factors and increase food safety. One tool regulatory bodies including state, local, tribal, and territorial (SLTT) health departments can support and encourage retail food establishments to integrate AMC into their food safety protocols, is by developing an AMC Incentive Program. These programs incentivize awards and recognition in order to encourage the adoption of AMC. Establishments generally qualify for these programs by meeting a set of standards or criteria, thus demonstrating AMC principles within their establishment. In addition to the AMC Incentive Programs, organizations often provide supplemental resources, such as classes, training materials, and self-assessments. One survey respondent, when speaking about the effectiveness of AMC Incentive Programs said:

“[Facilities who participate in the AMC Incentive Program] have fewer violations, and [we] have been able to conduct fewer inspections… It is a very positive outcome for both the facility and the health department.”

Here we highlight how regulatory organizations can support establishments within their jurisdiction in achieving AMC. This page includes some of the tools and resources SLTT health departments have developed as part of their AMC Incentive programs. They have been made available to demonstrate best practices and so that those interested can work from these examples. SLTT health departments interested in developing their own AMC incentive programs are encouraged to learn and work from these examples. These resources may also be useful for creating other AMC resources for the retail food establishments.

Highlighted on this page are tools and resources from Arizona’s Maricopa County, Colorado’s Boulder County, and Virginia’s Fairfax County. Visit their websites for more information:

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