Creating a Retail Food Safety Culture Through the use of Active Managerial Control Infographic

This document has been designed to depict the interrelationship between organizational food safety culture, food safety management systems (FSMS), and active managerial control (AMC). This document provides easy-to-understand definitions and some of the benefits of incorporating  FSMS/AMC, as well as tips for retail food establishment operators.

Active Managerial Control (AMC) is the purposeful incorporation of specific actions and procedures into the daily operations of a retail foodservice establishment. Through these actions, operators/owners can achieve control over foodborne illness risk factors, ultimately increasing food safety within the establishment. Environmental health organizations can assist food establishments in their journey to achieving AMC by providing supportive resources and through the use of AMC Incentive Programs.

An infographic titled "Creating a Retail Food Safety Culture through the Use of Active Managerial Control".