Food Code Adoption Toolkit Background

Results of a survey of SLTT food regulatory program representatives with information about their jurisdiction’s Food Code adoption processes, challenges, and successes.

FDA report that outlines the most recent Food Code adoption status of states and territories across the nation. This can be used as a tool for the evaluation of neighboring or similarly structured states.

Image of front page of the 2019 Annual Food Code Adoption Report

FDA Food Code (FDA Webpage)

View the FDA Food Code page, which contains links to each version of the Food Code, along with supporting documents, such as summaries of changes from one version to the next.

List of the cross-cutting benefits for government and industry, as well as the regulatory benefits of Food Code Adoption.

A searchable database that provides access to FDA’s interpretative positions and responses to questions related to the FDA Food Code, intended to promote consistent understanding and application of the Food Code. Users can search the database to answer questions about nuances in the Food Code

The Retail Program Standards serve as a guide to regulatory retail food program managers in the design and management of a retail food regulatory program and provide a means of recognition for those programs that meet these standards.

This standard applies to the regulatory foundation used by a retail food program. A requirement of Standard 1 is that the regulatory foundation includes provisions for public health interventions contained in one of the two most recent previous editions of the Food Code.  

Information about jurisdictions that have enrolled in the VNRFRPS. The information is updated on a quarterly basis to reflect new enrollments, as well as to recognize achievements made by current enrollees.

Last updated: January 24, 2023