Food Code Adoption Toolkit: Explain the “why”

Prepare to justify adopting the Food Code. Be ready to:

  • Answer decision-makers’ questions,
  • Share facts that support specific provisions, and
  • Discuss the benefits of adoption.

Gather background information

Background information in the FDA Food Code can help answer decision-makers’ questions.

Understand the science

Annex 3 of the 2022 FDA Food Code  provides the scientific reasoning behind the regulations. Arm yourself with facts and information to support the adoption of specific provisions.

Familiarize yourself with the Benefits Associated with Complete Adoption and Implementation of the FDA Food Code

This document may also be provided to persons wishing to learn more about why your jurisdiction should adopt the Food Code.

Demonstrate your jurisdiction’s commitment to continuous improvement by enrolling in the Voluntary National Retail Food Safety Regulatory Program Standards (Retail Program Standards)

The Retail Program Standards define what constitutes a highly effective and responsive program for the regulation of foodservice and retail food establishments and can be used to reinforce operational and environmental prerequisite programs. Decision-makers may be persuaded to adopt the Food Code in conjunction with other efforts to meet the gold standard of retail food programs.

Food Code adoption supports meeting Standard 1, which verifies a strong regulatory foundation, while elevating the profile of your retail food program. Funding opportunities are often available for jurisdictions striving to meet the Retail Program Standards, such as the National Environmental Health Association - U.S. Food and Drug Administration work Retail Flexible Funding Model Grant Program