Food Code Adoption Toolkit: Know before you go

Use these resources to understand:

  • Your jurisdiction’s current Food Code adoption status and
  • The administrative and rulemaking processes you will navigate as you work to adopt a new Food Code.

Taking the time to get a clear picture at the beginning of your journey can save a lot of headaches down the line.

Food Code Adoption Map

Use this map to view the state-level statutory or regulatory adoption of the FDA Food Code.

2022 Annual Food Code Adoption Report

Use this report to compare your jurisdiction's current adoption status with neighboring or similarly structured jurisdictions. This annual FDA report contains information on the most recent Food Code adoption status of states and territories across the nation.

FDA Food Code

View the FDA Food Code webpage, which contains links to each version of the Food Code, along with supporting documents, such as summaries of changes from one version to the next.

The materials for meeting Standard 1 of the Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards can also be used to compare your current regulatory framework to the latest editions of the FDA Food Code.

Speak with your legal council about how your jurisdiction can formulate, amend, and repeal rules, and how issues must be resolved. Requirements and timelines differ by jurisdiction, so work closely with your legal team to understand the processes.

Food Code adoption is not a one-person job. Gather a team of people, including internal and external supporters, to support this process.

Internal team members can help:

  • Develop timelines
  • Review the Food Code(s)
  • Understand the administrative and rule-making process
  • Provide communication and messaging support

External supports can:

  • Write letters of support
  • Provide testimony
  • Work with your team to identify potential barriers or concerns with the new Food Code
  • Help to resolve issues, concerns, or barriers

Start communicating with impacted communities early and identify Food Code supporters.

Lessons From the Field: Food Code Adoption (PDF)

High-level lessons from real regulatory personnel who have been through the adoption process. These lessons were reported as part of our Food Code Adoption Survey, which surveyed jurisdictions on their adoption process, challenges, and successes.