Food Code Adoption Toolkit Support

These resources provide helpful information that may supplement promotion tactics for Food Code Adoption.

Decoding the Food Code II (Virtual Training)

An online training module on the Food Code Preface to help understand the Food Code better. Use Chrome browser to access. This training takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

How FDA Retail Food Specialists Support Food Code Adoption (PDF)

FDA’s Retail Food Specialists can support Food Code adoption in several ways in their assigned state, local, tribal, and territorial regulatory agencies. This document provides an overview of the types of support they can provide.

Directory of FDA Retail Food Specialists (FDA Webpage)

FDA Training (FDA Webpage)

The FDA 112 course is a 3-day virtual instructor-led course that covers the recommendations and guidance provided in the 2017 FDA Food Code for state and local regulators conducting inspections of retail food and foodservice establishments. The course may also be of benefit to some federal regulators and food industry representatives. You must be logged in to view course information. For more information, visit FDA’s website

Food Code Reference System (FDA Webpage)

A searchable database that provides access to FDA’s interpretative positions and responses to questions related to the FDA Food Code, intended to promote consistent understanding and application of the Food Code. Users can search the database to answer questions about nuances in the Food Code. 

Food Code Adoption Key Concerns for Legislators (PDF)

A one-page document highlighting the benefits of Food Code adoption specifically tailored for legislative audiences.

Kitchen Manager Certification (CDC Webpage)

Downloadable and printable infographic describing the kitchen manager certification, including its food safety benefits and cost justification, and providing information on the FDA Food Code.

Image showing the first page of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Kitchen Manager Certification Infographic

Retail Food Industry/Regulatory Assistance & Training (FDA Webpage)

Repository of FDA website links and materials for enhancing food safety training efforts at the retail level, as well as information for regulatory partners.

Retail Food Protection (FDA Webpage)

Links to the FDAs many retail food protection resources, designed to assist regulatory agencies and the industries they regulate.

Retail Food Protection Industry Education Materials (FDA Webpage)

Educational materials that can be used to emphasize the important role that food employees play in protecting public health. Resources include downloadable posters/storyboards and videos provided in multiple languages.

Lessons From the Field: Food Code Adoption (PDF)

A one-page document highlighting lessons learned during the food code adoption process from state, local, territorial, and tribal food regulatory programs.

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Last updated: January 24, 2023