Implementing Active Managerial Control Principles in a Retail Food Business

The article “Implementing Active Managerial Control Principles in a Retail Food Business” provides a comprehensive overview of AMC reasoning and practices. It is a thorough, research-based article written to help retail food service establishments facilitate a focus on controlling risk factors linked to foodborne illness outbreaks.

“A food safety management program in a retail foodservice business that is focused on the continuous identification of hazards and the implementation of food safety management systems (FSMSs) to prevent these hazards is the most important means to proactively ensure food safety in a food business. A food safety management program, whether established in an independent restaurant or a multi-unit restaurant chain, should have multiple FSMSs and trained personnel empowered to manage operations specific to risk-based preventive controls in the supply chain and during retail foodservice operations. To make the most significant impact on foodborne illness prevention, the retail foodservice establishment must achieve daily active managerial control (AMC) of the risk factors contributing to foodborne illness.”

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Last updated: December 20, 2022