Map your Food Code Adoption Journey

1. Know before you go:

2. Seek support from:

3. Explain the ‘why’ by writing a justification.

4. Collaborate! Invite:

  • industry and consumer groups,
  • local officials,
  • boards of health, and
  • interested members of the public to be involved.

5. Address concerns.

6. Propose the changes. Provide packaged materials to:

  • Boards of Health
  • State legislatures
  • City, local, state, territorial, or tribal council(s)

7. Be engaged. Attend public meetings or hearings.

Congratulations, you adopted the Food Code! Now What?!

1. Seek support from FDA Retail Food Specialists to identify training and answer questions.

2. Create an enforcement and compliance plan and timeline.

  • When will the industry be expected to comply?

3. Create a training plan for:

4. Inform your community.

  • Press releases, social media, news
  • Draw connections between Food Code adoption and Retail Program Standard 7: Industry and Community Relations

Last updated: April 21, 2023