This resource library provides retail food regulatory professionals with a collection of vetted resources that support effective foodborne illness outbreak investigations. These resources include trainings, handouts/printouts, and guidance documents. The provided materials cover aspects of foodborne illness outbreaks from interviewing to collecting samples, pathogen-specific guidance, communication with the media, and after action reports.   

The development of this collection was informed by the results of an assessment conducted in 2021 by the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) in conjunction with the Retail Food Safety Regulatory Association Collaborative partners. The assessment collected information regarding outbreak response resources used by state, local, tribal, and territorial retail food safety regulatory programs throughout the U.S. After analyzing the results of the survey, NEHA conducted an environmental scan on existing tools and resources, beginning with the products of the Integrated Food Safety Centers of Excellence, to identify and collect resources that met the needs identified.

More tools and resources will be added to this page as our work continues.

FBIO Investigation Response Team Roles and Responsibilities

Field Guides

  • Environmental Assessment Field Guides (Webpage)
    • A tool used to identify pathogens of concern and find associated field focus, identify risk factors and interventions as identified by the field focus, and consider control or investigation measures to use during an outbreak.

Interviewing for Root Cause Analysis

Interviewing Food Workers During an Outbreak Investigation

Industry Specific


Hepatitis A




  • Vibriosis Outbreak Management Toolkit (PDF)
    • A reference for vibriosis investigations, shellfish traceback, and outbreak identification containing a variety of data, tools, and resources for both new and experienced investigators.

Clinical Samples

Environmental and Food Samples

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